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The path and lead up to your special day

I aim to make your ceremony just how you want it to be! Therefore here is my general process in the lead up to your special day.

Initial phone call
Please give me a call and we can have a chat about what you are looking for and I can organise an exact quote for you. The initial phone call gives me a chance to get to know you and you to decide if I am the one who should marry you.  Often couples make their decision after our initial phone call, but I am more than happy to arrange a no obligation meeting with you to discuss the options further to help you decide if I am the right fit for you.

Booking a date

If you are happy with our initial chat and/or meeting and you want to hire me then let's go ahead and book in a date. This is when the $100 deposit is due - in order to secure your date.

First Meeting 

This meeting is where we will get to know each other further, discuss what type of ceremony you want and fill in all of the legal paperwork. At this meeting I will also sight and copy your identity documents and begin preparing all of your legal paperwork. During this meeting I will begin to draft out a ceremony proposal for you. This meeting is conducted at my home office in Caroline Springs. After our first meeting I will go away and put together a ceremony draft for you to have a look at and discuss at our next meeting.

Second Meeting

Often most of my couples actually skip the second meeting as after the first meeting I usually get a good idea of what you want for your ceremony, so I am able to put together a ceremony for you that is almost what you want with just a few changes. However I offer a second meeting if we need to catch up and discuss things further. This meeting can happen at your home or workplace if you like, you are also more than welcome to come and see me again.

Third Meeting

About a week before your special day I will drop over to your house again to go over the final ceremony and make sure we have double checked everything. This quick catch up is very necessary as this is where you will sign the final piece of paperwork to allow your to get married. This is also when I would ask you to pay the balance of my professional fee.

Next is the wedding rehearsal (if you choose to have one) and then the big day!

It should be noted that while this is the plan of how we get things done, it is only an idea and can be altered to tailor what suits all of us. Often couple's don't actually need a second and third meeting - but it's there if we do.

"As a celebrant I will work with you as a couple to make sure your special day is perfect, but i'll also work with all of those involved in your wedding party - even the smallest ones!"

Picture: Wedding of Adam and Donna, a very special day and a lovely couple.

Testimonial from John & Coral in Kensington

Bradleigh is a very professional young man who ensures that all details are covered. He has a pleasant personality and is particularly easy to deal with. His whole focus is providing a service that satisfies the requirements of the clients and makes it as easy and stress free as possible.

Furthermore, unlike some others who provide a quote, Bradleighs price covers all aspects of the legal requirements. There are no add-ons. Highly recommend.

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July 2021

As part of my marriage celebrant service I include the following items

My Marriage Celebrancy Services includes all of the following as standard

- Completion of all of your legal paperwork, lodgment of paperwork and legal fees are included in my quoted price

- A fully personalised wedding ceremony, put together by me with unlimited changes and edits by you to make sure it is just how you want it

- Access to my resources such as readings, rituals, wedding songs etc, for you to consider for inclusion in your ceremony

- Incorporation of any rituals, religious or cultural traditions into your ceremony

- I supply all of my own equipment and, you don't need to provide me with anything on the day

- Wedding rehearsal prior to your special day (if you choose to do one)

- Unlimited phone calls, emails and meetings throughout the whole process

- Assistance (if you need it) in writing your own personal vows for each other

- All marriage certificates, stationary etc that is required on the day

- Submission of all required documents to births, deaths and marriages and the payment of BDM marriage fees (which are included in my fee)

- My professional advice on ALL aspects of your wedding and ceremony, I have performed lots of ceremonies and can advise you on all aspects, even if you need advice on things unrelated to your ceremony

The above points are the main items that are covered, but it's important to remember 2 things - my fees are fully inclusive so there is no additional or hidden charges and that I am here to help and guide you on all aspects of your ceremony and even your wedding day. Any special requests etc are also fine, you just need to let me know.

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Marriage Facts - for your information

In Australia there are several legal forms and procedures that need to be followed when it comes to being married. As part of my marriage celebrant services I attend to all of this for you, but so you know here is some general information for you to be aware of.

A Notice of Intended Marriage form is required to be filled out by me and submitted at least 30 days before your intended marriage date. Whilst this form is fairly straight forward it must be filled in correctly. At our first meeting I will fill this form out with you and submit it shortly after. 

Identity Requirements - I must see original copies of your birth certificate or passport as well as another supporting identity document such as a drivers license.

Previous Relationships - if you have been previously married then I will need to see the original supporting documents of the marriage termination - so a valid divorce certificate or death certificate is also required.  

To ensure that the above legal requirements are fulfilled correctly, I do ask that our first meeting is at my home office so it can be filled out, printed, signed and photocopied correctly. There are a few legal requirements in the ceremony as well, but we can go over that at our first meeting.

Marriage Celebrant Fees & Charges

Like every ceremony that I put together, my fees for each couple are different. 

There is a number of factors that come into play when determining my exact fee.

I will provide you with a full quotation when you email or call me. Any fees I advise you of are fully inclusive and there is no hidden fees or charges. 

Whilst every ceremony is different with many factors contributing to the final fee, in general my fees range from $600 to $900 per ceremony. 

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