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Naming Days

A naming ceremony, sometimes called a naming day, is a great way to bring your family and friends together to honor and celebrate your child. It’s a unique way of declaring your hopes and dreams for their future and affirming what you believe and value most. 

It is also a unique way of having those you love feel involved and to offer their support in your child’s journey through life.

Although sometimes called a "baby naming day" the fact is that naming days can happen for children of any age. The timing at which this ceremony takes place can vary from some days after birth to several months or many years. Often parents will wait until their last child is born and have all of their children "named" in the same ceremony. In most events “guide parents” are assigned and often are used to look out for the child and agree to take care of the child in the event that the parents cannot. Parents and guide parents usually send best wishes to the child for a prosperous life.

I can help and assist you with all aspects of your childs naming day. I will guide you through the process, help you make the decisions and then put together an entire ceremony for you, just how you would like. 

My naming day ceremony services include:

-A face to face meeting to get all of the details and start to plan out a ceremony

-I will put together an entire ceremony for you which will be just how you would like

- Unlimited phone calls and emails to alter the ceremony to make sure you are happy and confident

- Exclusive access to my wide range of resources to help you get the right fit

- My help and expertise to get this special day perfect for you

Fees & Charges

My professional service fee for a naming day ceremony and service varies but generally I charge around $500, depending on the type of ceremony you would like, when you plan to have it and the location of the event. For a more detailed quote please Contact Me

Thank you Bradleigh for performing our naming ceremony. 

It means so much to us to have you make this special day just as special as our boy!

- Cassandra and Lyle - Mernda

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