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My Wedding Tips

There are lots more wedding tips online and lots of people on your journey to give you advice. But below are some of my favorite and very important wedding tips. Enjoy!

If you have a tip you think I should have here, don't hesitate to let me know and I'll add it in.

Wedding Tip #1

Formulate a budget and make sure you stick to it!

Do your research so you know what to expect, then put together a budget and no matter what - stick to it!!

Wedding Tip #2

Plan Early!

It's never too early to start planning your dream wedding. By simply getting some quotes and researching some ideas can help you understand exactly what you want. 

Wedding Tip #3

Have a plan B!

Make sure you have a plan B and plan B venue organised. If it's too wet, cold or too hot for your guests, make sure you have something else organised.

Wedding Tip #4

Don't Overdo It!

Keep it simple! There is no need to have a long drawn out ceremony, keep it short and simple but full of passion and love and most importantly make it meaningful!

Wedding Tip #5

Don't Overlook What's Important

It's your day, so you're the most important person! So make sure the day is exactly how you want it - listen to everyone but do what YOU want!

Wedding Tip #6


You have lots of friends, family, siblings, wedding party - make sure you keep your head clear and focused by delegating tasks to these people to complete and keep you focused. 

Wedding Tip #7

Have some emergency money

Whilst it's important to stick to your budget, it's also important to have some emergency money set aside. Something may come up that needs to be done but isn't in the budget.

Wedding Tip #8

Try DIY First

There are some things you can't do yourself, like a celebrant :)  but some things like invitations you can try and make yourself first, this could end up being a big saving, not to mention a fun activity.

Wedding Tip #9

Have an early kids policy!

We all love kids - they are funny and cute but at a wedding they can be annoying. You need to decide if you want kids there or you don't. And if you do choose to have them make sure you invest some money in keeping them entertained - a clown or a balloon maker/face painter can be very useful.

Wedding Tip #10

Have some extra time allocated

You need a schedule and it's important to stick to it but make sure you allow a little extra time just in case things run behind.

Wedding Tip #11

Do It Your Way

It's your wedding so make sure that above all else you are doing it the way you want! One of the worst things that can happen is for you to have regrets. 

Wedding Tip #12

Choose a color theme

This may sound simple and unnecessary, but a color theme throughout your journey can help make it all come together properly and simply.

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